The analysts within Investing for Charity are predominantly students and young professionals who volunteer their time to contribute to the activities of the fund. This is both a blessing and a constraint. The mission can be served most effectively by involving young people in the operations of the fund, since it is an excellent way for them to learn through practical experience, as well as a way for them to be empowered with contributing towards the decisions of the organisation and its positive impact on society. The structure of the organisation must be designed to take into account the specific attributes of this demographic.

Attributes of the Investment Committee

Here we describe how the investment approach must take into account the particular qualities of the analysts in the fund. In general, the analysts of the fund:

  1. Inexperienced but intelligent with a willingness and energy to learn,
  2. Volunteers who also study full time and work part time, or vice versa,
  3. Have a default work-style that is suited to university assignments rather than investment research for the intention of a real-world fund,
  4. Need to give external parties and potential donors confidence in the quality of the investment approach.

With these attributes in mind, the approach must be respectively:

  1. Simple to understand and with further research and materials easily accessible,
  2. Low intensity in terms of speed of work,
  3. Controlled and transparent,
  4. Understood easily by external parties.
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